1. Entrepreneur Hunt

The following topics will be addressed in this post:

Is the need for achievement – a personality attribute – necessary for success in small business? Locus of control? Independence? Leadership?

“We’re going on a bear hunt./ We’re going to catch a big one./ What a beautiful day!/ We’re not scared.” –Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

These lines from a children’s book can apply to entrepreneurs, as well. Many people tend to conceptualize entrepreneurs as untamed beasts roaming the Serengeti plains and preparing to ambush their prey. Even more, some people romanticize the entrepreneur as the ultimate lone hero battling against all odds the implacable foe that is corporate business. Sometimes these ideas approach reality, but sometimes the entrepreneur is the girl with the lemonade stand or the R&D team within a publicly traded multi-national firm.

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