Front Leaning Rest Presentation at American Legion Post 526 Meeting

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Front Leaning Rest: Entrepreneurship for Veterans

My social entrepreneurship venture has a working title of Front Leaning Rest (FLR). In this venture, I promote entrepreneurship with veterans. Former military personnel have many entrepreneurial traits plus leadership and organizational training that augment their inherent skills. Additionally, as a result of their service, veterans have access to many programs that can support business formation.

In this video, I present the Front Leaning Rest concept to the members attending a monthly meeting of American Legion Post 526 in Asheville, NC. This video was shot on August 16, 2011.

By the way, for those not in the know, the Front Leaning Rest is the push-up position. Not restful. You know you are about to start some hard but productive work when ordered to the Front Leaning Rest.

“Pain is Just Fear Leaving the Body, Soldier!!!”- anonymous multitude of Drill Instructors

The file size required that I break the video into two parts. For some reason the files take a while to buffer. The file type is a .wmv

FLR presentation part 1

FLR presentation part 2



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